Mississippi Gulf Coast Longshore Act

The people who work along piers, docks, shipyards, bridges and harbors have very dangerous jobs. They often work with heavy equipment and machinery that are notorious for causing injuries. Like construction workers, they are also subject to falls from elevated heights and crane or scaffolding collapses.

If these workers are injured on the job, they may receive benefits under the Longshoreman & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA). The LHWCA provides coverage for lost wages and medical benefits. But with its short filing deadline, there is no room for mistakes during the application process. LoCoco & LoCoco, P.A., assists injured workers from many of the area’s largest companies with LHWCA benefits. For a free consultation, please call 228-392-3799 or contact us online.

Help With a Complex Process

There is a one-year deadline for filing injury claims under the LHWCA. It is a complex application process that can be quite confusing. An experienced attorney can help you gather the required information and submit the claim correctly and on time.

The LHWCA covers many types of harbor workers such as:

  • Ship repairmen
  • Ship builders
  • Forklift operators
  • Crane operators
  • Stevedores

Common injuries suffered by longshore and harbor worker can include: neck and back injuries, brain injuries, spinal injuries, broken bones and amputations, arm and shoulder injuries, repetitive stress injuries and wrongful death. In cases of wrongful death, our firm has been successful in obtaining death benefits for dependents.

If your work injury was caused by a negligent third party, such as the manufacturer of defective machinery, we can seek additional compensation for your losses.

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