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Who we are & What we can do for you

Tough on Opponents, Compassionate with Clients
Car Wrecks

We represent people injured in car and motorcycle accidents recover damages.

Big Truck Wrecks

These serious accidents require a lawyer who knows how to fight the trucking company and its insurance carrier.

Longshore Accidents and Work Injury Claims

Injured longshore workers are covered by the Longshoreman & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. You may need an attorney to help you get benefits.

Offshore, Maritime and Jones Act Claims

Workers on many types of seagoing vessels are covered by the Jones Act. We help injured seamen get the coverage they are entitled to.

Wrongful Death

We will work closely with your family to seek justice for the loss of your loved one.

Defective Products and Liability

When corporate greed causes an injury or death, we hold the negligent parties responsible.

Defective Medical Devices

We represent people injured by defective implants, devices and prescription drugs.

Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income

Obtaining benefits for SSD and SSI is a long, complex process. We can help you through it.

Meet Our Attorneys

Decades of experience with personal injury and maritime law
Joseph A. LoCoco

Joe’s impressive career highlights include: Securing a multitude of large settlements ($100,000 plus) for injury victims throughout Mississippi and Louisiana.

Virginia L. LoCoco

Virginia’s complex litigation experience combined with her working construction industry knowledge was invaluable to the firm when it came to analyzing and obtaining favorable settlements for hundreds of Hurricane Katrina victims denied coverage for losses by big insurance companies.


10243 Central Avenue D'Iberville, Mississippi 39540

News From Our Firm

LL&G Sponsored Soccer Team Picture-1
LL&G Sponsor Youth Soccer Team

LoCoco, LoCoco & Gatewood Sponsors Youth Soccer Team LoCoco, LoCoco & Gatewood, PLLC is a proud supporter of the D’Iberville Futbol Club youth soccer league. The young man featured in the photo below is Michael, the son of Joe & Virginia LoCoco.

What Our Clients Are Saying

What our clients think of us

The staff was courteous and treated me nicely. They kept me informed about my case and always promptly returned my calls. My attorney cared about me and my case. The thing I liked best was that they were pleasant to me.

Tyler Reid

Top-notch and very professional. In my opinion, the service provided in my case was great. I wouldn't change anything. What I liked the best was the hard work performed by the staff.

Chuck Wade

Everyone was nice and answered all my questions always. (I was) very comfortable.

Sheila B.

I was treated exceptionally well. I was made to feel as my concerns and opinion mattered. The thing I liked the best was my attorney’s honesty, fairness, and good business ethics as well as patience. Keep up the good work.

Karem H.

Very loving…like family, really! The think I liked the best was the integrity and care shown.

Donna P.

The environment was very well put together and I felt great about the entire experience.  The thing I liked best was the professionalism of everyone involved, it was beyond amazing.

Meco B.

I think they are some of the nicest people I know! They really fought for me and my well-being, can’t think of a thing they could have done better! They left me with the feeling of family that really cared.

Suzanne S.

The staff was extremely friendly and professional. I felt very protected through the entire process.

Eden G.

I knew from day one I made a wise choice coming to your firm.


Keep up the good work. We need more attorneys like yourself our the coast! Thanks so much.


You’re very professional but in a very genuine, caring way. I would easily refer anyone to the firm.


Thank you all for everything you all have done for our family in our time of need. We look forward to using you all in the future.